1. What is energy monitoring?

Energy monitoring makes visible what is actually invisible: the use of energy. Energy consumption is not visible – and visibility is required to monitor and control the consumption. From the moment the energy consumption is visible, managing is possible.

2. Which data does the monitoring system provide?

Important data you receive:

  • The power factor per fase;
  • The voltage per fase;
  • Het amperage per fase;
  • Usage in KwH;
  • Costs per day, per week, per month;
  • Co2 emissions;
  • Benchmarking (historical data).

3. Why energy monitoring- and management is important?

Energymonitoring and -management is of major importance. First of all, because of cost control, and second to determine how the total costs are composed. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to detect redundancies in power use. Consequently, it is possible to take measures for energy reduction. Last but not least, energy monitoring and management is also essential in operating sustainable and reduce global warming.

4. For what kind of organizations our products are suitable?

Energy monitoring is useful for each kind of organisation, either small or big. The costs for implementation are low. After installation, you command your own virtual energy manager. For smaller organizations, it is possible to pursue an energy policy against minimum costs.

5. What are the advantages of energy monitoring?


  • Leads to cost reduction, which in turn leads to an increase in profit;
  • Leads to less maintainance costs and a reduction in fall out ratio and safety risks;
  • Leads to people’s awareness of energy usage, through which their behaviour will change
  • Leads to a reduction of C02 emissions;
  • Leads to a redcution of energy loss;
  • Gives your organization a carbon footprint – which in turn is good for your image
  • Corporate Social Responsity
  • Notification of irregularities
  • Control 24 hours per day


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