Solar Energy

1. What is Solar Energy (Control)?

Solar Panels or photovoltaic systems are used to generate electricity. But how many electricity is generated? Do they all work well? And how many energy is reused? Do you want to gain insight and quantify this data? We offer you the possibility to map your energy consumption and – generation by using a full web based system.

2. Why the Rational Products system for Solar Energy Control?

By connecting the solar installation to the Rational Products system, we provide a flexible, reliable and easy-to-use solution to gain insight in your system on a permanent basis. You are assured of an overview of alle consumed and generated energy. Deviations are reported quickly, which gives the opportunity to adapt to certain changes.

3. For what kind of organisation our products are suitable?

Our products are suitable for both small and large organizations and projects. We offer perfect price/quality solutions for installations from one single panel until installations with 3060 panels (per control unit)

4. Which data is provided by the solar monitornig system?

We provide you with:

  • Solar voltage, amperage and capacity per converter and per MPPT entrance;
  • Line power, -amperage, -frequency and returned power per converter
  • Total generated power from converter to the electricity net
  • Outside temperature
  • Reduced co2 emissions
  • Deviations

5. What are the advantages of solar energy monitoring?

  • Low installation costs
  • No extra wires needed – Suitable for long distances
  • Very low exploitation costs (ADSL / GPRS)
  • Easy to use
  • Universal smart module
  • Affordable product /price


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