Industrial Lighting

1. What is energy monitoring of industrial lighting?

Managers of industrial lighting are aware of the fact that costs of public lighting can reduce tremendously when critical data iscollected. Data which are needed to optimize a better planning and operational decision making. Rational Products offers a efficient manner to make this possible.

2. How is energy monitoring used in practice?

This is possible by the use of internet technology. Both the age and condition of each source of light are reported and deviations are announced by their exact location using GPRS. As a result, substantial reductions can be obtained. Furthermore, the reliability and quality of street lighting will improve.

3. How does it work?

The application of Rational Products makes use of certain light levels, with traffic intensity and weather conditions in mind. At each specific location, sources of light are grouped in a way that they react in a similar way. Furthermore, different lichtswitches and dimming patterns can be programmed according to a specific scheme, dependent on the weathersensor or traffic counter.

4. What does the system deliver?

Each single source of light is dimmable

  • Status (on/off) is visible per source of light
  • Possibility to custom program
  • Astronomic Clock
  • Information Control (traffic counter, rain, traffic flow, temperature)
  • Grouping of light sources is possible
  • Alarm Notifications
  • Graphic route map available

5. What are the benefits for you?

  • Reliable communication per individual street light
  • Until 50% reduction of use of energy and CO2¬†emissions
  • Less spoilage of light (dark/shiny weather)
  • Light level is controlable
  • Improvement of safety in city
  • Emergency routes programmable (ambulance, police, fire bridage)
  • Reduction of maintanance costs
  • Control: Wherever, whenever


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