Water & Waste water management

1. What is water and waste water management and monitoring?

Water management and energy monitoring is measurement and control of (waste) water at pump stations. We offer the opportunity to connect the pump stations by using a fully web based system. This makes it possible to control and monitor your system. By using our products and systems, you gain insight in your energy consumption, water levels and possible floodings of your pump stations.

2. Which data does the monitoring system provide?

Your receive data concerning:

  • Consumption of water in m3;
  • Water levels;
  • Flooding – Alarm Notifications;
  • Consumption of KwH of your installations;
  • Costs per day, per week, or per month;
  • Benchmark data (previous trends).

3. Why is (waste)water management important and how does it work?

(Waste)water management is of importance to control your process and your costs. Furthermore, it is important to measure how your water consumption is compiled. Based on the data, you can decrease your energy consumption to an absolute minimum level. Besides, the system provides, wherever and whenever you want, an overview of the waterlevels, possible floodings and defects of your pump stations. By using the system you can intervene directely. Last but not least, the system provides you, when desired, alarms indications.

4. For what kind of organisation our products are suitable?

Municipalities, governments, industries, end-users.

5. What are the advantages of (waste)water management and monitoring?

  • Low installation costs
  • No extra wires needed – Suitable for long distances
  • Very low exploitation costs (ADSL / GPRS)
  • Easy to use
  • Universal smart module
  • Affordable product /price


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